Rosemary Fazio and David Randell
George Nardin
Jane Van Dyck
Drew Sanders
Jim Hart

Honolulu; Hawaii - USA

22 September 2009

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I met all at De Waterkant Cottages and after discussing our plans we set off on a Cape Peninsula tour.


Jane, Geore and Rosemary in the company of Just Nuisance in Simonstown


Rosemary and Just Nuisance


At the penguin colony on Foxy Beach



Drew and David ascending Cape Point in the cablecar


It was windy at Cape Point as can be sen from Jim and Jane while atop of the mountain ledge JJ


George, Jane, Drew, Rosemary, David and Jim on Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope in the background



George with a hairy friend in background


Jane braves the picture.JJ


At the Cape of Good Hope - The most south western point of Africa






Winelands and Kayamandi



David in the cablecar ascending Robben Island


Atop of Table Mountain


Stridng out on Table Mountain


With Lily in Kayamandi


Lunch at Lily



Lily the raconteur!  JJ



Watching the children of the Ikamva lethu Center dancing


Rosemary having fun with the kids in the Ikamva Lethu Centre


Joing in with the dancing kids



Speaking to Bennet in Zone J


Dishing out apples in Zone J




City and Kirstenbosch


We started our day with a visits to the Fire and Ice Hotel where I took the above picture of Rosemary in the hotel hanging chair

We had a great lunch at the Eastern Food Bazaar in the city centre




Jane and George having fun on Greenmarket Square


Rosemary and David shopping on Greenmarket Square


The Hawaians in the group just could not resist having this picture taken at Grenmarket Square. JJ


We split forces at this stage with Jane, George and Drew going to the Waterfront while David, Rosemary and Jim joined me in Kirstemnbosch Gardens

David and Rosemary in front of the Mandela Gold flowers


A great pciture of Jim in front of the Mandela Golds


David and his travelling family. JJ


Fabulous picture of the threesome in Kirstenbosch Gardens.
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I really had a wonderful time travelling around the Cape Town region with this sextet. Everybody showed a lot of interest in South Africa as well as Cape Town and this in its own right made the group a great one for me to tour with. Much was shared along the way and at the same time much fun was had by all. All in all a great ride through Cape Town which I hope left all with very happy memories.