Kristine and Brian Fletcher

Reading UK

25 April  2007

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I met Kristine and Brian at a meeting point (Allee Bleue) after they left Franschoek. After becoming acquainted we moved on the the Afrikaans Language monument so as to start our cultural journey.


Kristine and Brain at the Afrikaans language monument

Kristine watches as Brian takes an unusual type angled photo of the monument


Enjoying lunch with Lily in Kayamandi



Brain and Kristine with Lily outside of her home in Kayamandi


Brian being swamped by young Kayamandians in Nosandile and Johannes's shack home


A great photo of Kristine and a young friend in Kayamandi


Brian watches as his camera is put to use by the local kids.


Happy times in Kayamandi



Having a ball with the kids outside of Nosandile's home


Please click here to watch a video of Kristine and Brian enjoying a gospel choir practising in Zone J
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Meeting the kids in Zone J after visiting the St.Pauls Church and handing out apples for trash


It was wonderful to travel with such an enthusiastic couple like Kristine and Brian. At all times they showed enormous interest as to what was  happening in Kayamandi and South Africa. We shared lots together and overall we had a wonderful day in each others company. This really was an free and easy going journey on the day that I enjoyed immensely and can but only hope that Brain and Kristine did so too.




Received 9 May 2007

Hi Selwyn! 

Brian and I feel truly blessed that we had the opportunity to meet you and visit Kayamandi, it will always be an experience that we will hold close to our hearts. You are proof that one person can make a difference! 

Your pictures are wonderful - our family and friends loved them! And we have been telling everyone, what a special place South Africa is and the great changes that are taking place. 

Brian had a great day out with Chris. Unfortunately, due to rough waters, half the boat was sick, including Brian! Thank god, I didn't go!! Only two people actually got to go into the cage, and once they were in the cage, they got sick as well! They did see sharks though, about 8 great whites were hanging around their boat, so Brian did manage to grab a few quick pics of the sharks. So, hopefully next time, we are in SA, the water will be a bit calmer for the both of us to give it another shot!

Baboon Matters was a really fun experience. But, the Glencairn hotel doesn't exist anymore, it's now the Southern Right Hotel!! In the end, we ended up finding it after stopping at the Southern Right Hotel and asking them if they had ever heard of Glencairn hotel and as we looked to our left, there was Baboon Matters! The baboon walk was great fun and we snapped some great photos too! 

Again, Thank You for all your help, generosity and knowledge during our visit to Cape Town - you helped make it a truly memorable experience. We hope to visit your great country again soon and can't wait to see the exciting changes within Kayamandi on our next visit.

Keep in Touch! We would love to hear updates on Kayamandi and how things are going on in your end of the world! 

Take Care, 

Kristine and Brian