Kavey (Kavey) and Pete Favelle
London - UK

Dianne (Uhoh_Busted)  and Steve Woodard 
Washington DC - USA

Alison (AlisonC)  and Larry Verkade
Rachel and Andrew Verkade

Montreal - Canada

8 May 2004

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This tour was a pretty special one in that three Fodorites just happened to be in Cape Town at the same time and I had a day free on which we could tour together. 

We started the day at 08h00 with me picking Pete and Kavey up at Jambo's and soon after that Diane and Steve at David's.  With both these guesthouses being in Green Point Kavey and Diane had much to talk about (they had met each other in the past) before we arrived at Welgelegen where we fetched the last of our party viz. Alison, Larry, Rachel (daughter) and Andrew (son) . It was great to hear that everybody had good comments about their places of stay. We all became acquainted in the vehicle as we travelled onto Paarl; as a matter of fact it was talking all the way till we arrived at the language monument. JJ


We stopped at Plattekloof on the way to Paarl where we took this photo with a rather hazy Cape Town and Table Mountain in the background.

In the picture we see Andrew, Alison, Rachel, Steve, Diane, Larry, Kavey and her beloved Pete


Fodorites at the Afrikaans language monument


Rachel hides behind a rock in the language monument gardens.
With all these Fodorites around her I did not blame her for doing so at all. JJ


We stopped in at Mooiberg farm stall where it seemed as if Diane felt that the mampoer (moonshine) that she had tasted was somewhat strong. JJ


Pete enjoying some mampoer.


The whole gang pose for a picture at the Mooiberg farm stall


We moved onto Rust en Vrede winefarm where everybody joined in for a wine tasting of the great red wines of the estate.


Everybody loved the scenic views, historic houses as well as fabulous gardens at Rust en Vrede


We moved on to the Oude Libertas amphitheatre where we had a wonderful local food type picnic on the magnificent lawns of the venue.




We then travelled on to one of the highlights of our day viz  Kayamandi

We first stopped in at the Anglican Church where we met Shumi Ndlebe and her friends preparing a feast for the special church meeting that was to take place on the following day.




On this day Mzwake and I launched a new project (we run many projects in the township via the Ikamva Lethu Centre). During the week we told the children of Kayamandi that where we used to always pass out fresh fruit to them in the past when they accompanied us on our visits,  in future we would supply them with trash bags that they would have to fill and swop for a fruit after our visit. The object of the exercise was to have the children realize that they needed to earn the fruit that we give them as well as make them eco conscious of their area. When we arrived in the shack area,where most of the children stayed, we were all flabbergasted to see that the kids had collected a HUGE load of trash and cleaned up the area entirely. It was also very encouraging to see how proud they were of what they had achieved. Our Fodorite group as well as Mzwake and myself simply stood in awe as we watched the kids all packing the trash away in an area where the municipal truck would bulk collect all on Monday. In the above picture the kids can be seen displaying some of the bags that they collected. This project has now been named "Trash for fruit" and we hope that other townships follow our lead that we will be setting for them in the future.


We stopped in at Nozandile (far right) where I took this group photo in her shack



Everybody in our group joined some of the kids with us for the above and below pictures



On leaving the shack area all in the group helped Mzwake to pass out tangerines (naartjies) to all of the kids.


We visited Shumi at her home where she told all about her life and what it was like to live in a township for over 40 years.


Diane and Alison listen attentively to Shumi


We traveled to our very own Ikamva Lethu Centre (means "Our Future") where the teenage choir "Bana Ba Kgotso" entertained us with some wonderful Sotho songs.  As can be seen from the below photos everybody had a wonderful time listening to and dancing with this young choir.





We left Kayamandi and made our way to Moyo restaurant at Spier. On arrival we were taken to our table in a tree and started to prepare ourselves for the wonderful meal and entertainment at Moyo.

Pete goes through a traditional hand washing ceremony before we ate our meal


Larry washes his hands as per the African tradition.


Kavey being African face painted


Not to be outdone Pete also got face painted JJ


Alison joins the face painted community. JJ


A happy face painted couple at Moyo.


The Verkade's prepare for our feast.


We were entertained at our treetop table by the local entertainment group "Third World Bunfight" as can be seen for the above and below pictures.


We stayed on at Moyo till about 23h30  enjoying the incredible stage band Tucan Tucan. We then, very reluctantly, left the restaurant to return to Cape Town.

In Cape Town everybody said goodbye to one another as we stopped off at everybody's individual guesthouse and even though it was 02h30 by the time I got to bed I could not fall asleep as I mulled over the very exciting day I had just spent with this great group of people

Thank you Kavey for starting off on the Fodors page with the idea of this tour day. Thanks to all in the group for helping make this day such a wonderfully memorable one. I think we will be speaking of this day for quite a while in the near future. Here's hoping that you all encourage more people to visit our wonderful country and that you will all come back for more great Cape Town experiences in the future!



Received 28 May 2004




Received 2 June 2005

Hello Selwyn,

Good to hear from you. We have been back a couple of days now and are just
recovering from the jet lag and the shock of returning to reality.

I can't tell you what a great time we had in SA. Larry was initially
skeptical about going (crime, violence etc - all wrong) but the country made
such a good impression that he was really reluctant to leave. We would love
to return some day.

We have done nothing but praise your tour to everyone who will listen.
Obviously it worked with the Poses. All four of us learned so much and had
such a good time. We were particularly happy about your teaching us the
proper handshake to use. We became very friendly with our Eyethu guide and
she was delighted when we were able to respond to her handshake the proper
way at the end of the tour. We had started the tour with the European
handshake and ended with the local one. She was a delight.

We shocked the heck out of the owner of the Auberge Clermont when we told
her we were going to Delicious. She had no idea that they were open on
Wednesday nights. She also saw them more as a deli. It was a real chuckle
being able to tell a local something about their own town.

Too bad about Moyo. We really loved it there. I hope they clean up their act

Our friends and family back home were looking at your picture gallery a day
or two after the tour. They really enjoyed it. What a good idea! Thanks!

Good to hear about the trash for fruit success. That township will soon be
the cleanest place on the planet given the way those kids work. I really
thought that visiting Kyamandi might be a little depressing, boy was I
wrong! I came away with such a feeling hope and optimism. What a remarkable
people! Things have come so far in just ten years. If it keeps going this
way I can see SA being a world leader within a generation. 

I am very jealous of your "tough life" as a tour guide. A grueling 5 days
traveling the Garden Route must be tough to take. Australians are a blast no
matter what their ages. I hope you have a great time. I know they will.

I hope some day you'll come to Canada and visit with us. Or better yet I
hope we go back to SA and see you! But seriously if you ever come to
Montreal please give me a call. We would love to see you again.

So till then ...talk to you on Fodor's. Keep in touch.

Much love



Mails from Kavey and Dianne on Fodors.com


Hey folks... just checking in.

First off, I want to thank Selwyn on behalf of Pete and myself for a truly wonderful day. We will never forget it and Selwyn, you really made our first visit to Cape Town so memorable.

And bumping in to you again at Cape Point and then in Franschhoek was a weird but wonderful coinkydink!

And hey, I did the tree tops canopy tour! Given I get vertigo standing on a chair (no kidding) I am feeling justly proud of myself although my right arm and connected chest and shoulder muscles are still killing me three days later. That braking technique had me terrified!

I am now sitting at Kim's PC in her apartment in Ballito. We met for lunch, went to the supermarket and then we stopped to visit her new house... it's still being built but it's MARVELLOUS... should be ready soon and I'm already wondering how long it will take to save up for our next trip to SA to stay with her there!

So our first segment is over... CT to Addo... and tomorrow we set off for Umfolozi... can't wait!

Hope you are all well and that trip planning and current trips are going well.

Take care and catch you all soon, I hope.




We were to be picked up the next morning at 8AM by Selwyn , along with our friends from London, Kavey and Pete, and a family from Canada, Allison, Larry, Andrew and Rachael.

Our second day in Cape Town was another stunner! Both in terms of the weather and our terrific tour with such fun people! (All the details are available WITH pictures on www.ilovecapetown.com ) We saw wine country (and tasted great wines)
the language monument at Paarl, picnicked on local specialties (Snook, fish cakes, and some really yummy sweets!) visited a township, Kayamandi, where we met several dynamic people and lots of charming children. We finished that visit with a mini-concert by the youth choral group, and I still get goose bumps remembering how cool it was to be in their midst while they entertained us.

And yet, our grand tour still wasn't over -- we finished up with a wonderful dinner at Moyo, where we sat at a table in a tree! What an amazing place that was! The food was wonderful, the ambiance completely unique and exotic, and the live entertainment excellent. We fell into bed about 1:30AM and slept like the often referred to logs.

Diane (uhoh....busted)



Splendid beyond words

Hi all,

Yesterday the Fodors group (me & Steve, Kavey & Pete, Allison, Larry, Rachel and Andrew) all went out for an amazing day (and night) with Selwyn. The weather these past two days was glorious, and we're going to have some fantastic pictures to share! My only disappointment was that my battery started dying when we got half way through this day (which ran from 8AM until 1AM!) Trip reports will follow eventually, but I just wanted to check in here and let y'all know what a WONDERFUL time we had. cheers to all

Diane (uhoh....busted)