Daniel and Kimberly Gehant

Illinois - USA

15 August 2006

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I met Daniel and Kimberly at Camps Bay Terrace and as we had been in numerous conversations and email before they arrived in cape Town we were pretty well acquainted already and immediately set out on a winelands/cultural journey


Kimberley taking an unusually angled photo of the Afrikaans language monument


Having Bobotie lunch at the Afrikaans language monument restaurant


We traveled on to Kayamandi where we visited Lily who told us her life story. 


Unfortunately my camera was not operating correctly and I missed out on pictures from the Afrikaans monument through to our visit to Masakhane at the Ikamva lethu centre. I am hoping that the Gehant photos willl have good fills for me to complete this webpage.


Please click on the above picture to see a video of Kimberly with Luyanda of the Masakhane dance group
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Having fun with Masakhane


Please click on the above picture to see a video of Daniel with Luyanda of the Masakhane dance group
Please do not download this file unless you have a broad band connection



Daniel meets some of the very many children we we met while visiting Nosandile's shack home


Photographing kids in Nosandile's shack


Having fun


Kimberlly meets Nandipa


Daniel being swamped by young enthusiastic kids JJ


With some of the wonderful kids in Zone J


We left Kayamandi and returned to Cape Town where we had a great meal at The Jewel Tavern restaurant

What a wonderful day this was. Daniel and Kimberly were great to travel with. What a level headed young couple they turned out to be. They both came extremely well prepared as far as knowledge of the terrain was concerned and all in all they were an absolute pleasure to tour with. We shared lots of fun along the way and truly had a great experience in unison.

Thanks for a great day

Daniel and Kimberly

Received 19 August 2006


Thank you very much for your kind note. I was planning to write you a very
similar email, thanking you for giving us a truly unique travel experience
and really opening our eyes to the community that exists in South Africa.
We really had a wonderful day, and I completely agree about the bit about
not feeling like you were our "tourguide," but rather a new friend showing
us around his hometown. We are hoping that we will have a chance to return
to Cape Town and see you again. If you are ever in the States (or France
for the next year), please do email as we'd love to return the hospitality
you have shown us.

I did also want to give you the contact information for the guide/driver in
Johannesburg. If you are ever up there, I think you should definitely try
to meet up with him. I suspect you would both really enjoy getting to know
each other and learn from each other's perspectives. On a more practical
note, I definitely think you two could serve as great referrals for each
other. If your clients are looking for a good guide in Johannesburg, I
think Blythe would likely be a good pick.  Blythe: 082 695 1987

I should let you know that we did not actually get a proper tour with him.
What happened was this: we had arranged for our hotel (The Parkwood) to send
a driver to the airport to pick us up. Then we realized we were short on
time and asked if our driver could take us to the apartheid museum straight
from the airport...the driver the Parkwood uses most often is Blythe, who
also drives for many other businesses (including several embassies, etc.)
So he was never our official tourguide, although he provided plenty of
commentary on the history of the country and shared his personal experiences
as well. He told us that if we had another day in Jberg, that he would like
to take us on a tour of the city, including Soweto. Anyway, that's the

When we get some time and a high speed internet connection, we will
certainly send you some photos of our time with you.

Thanks again for a wonderful day.

Kimberly (& Daniel)

P.S. If you're curious about the rest of our trip. feel free to check out
our website. We're incredibly behind in posting, but we'll be putting more
up there soon.