Alan and Naomi Greenwood

London - UK

19 December 2005

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I met Alan and Naomi at the Vineyard Hotel in Claremont and after becoming aquainted we set out on a Cape WInelands tour.


We started our tour at the Afrikaans language monument where we spent some time going through the history of South Africa before walking through the monument itself.

We stopped in at Middlevlei winefarm where we went through a total tasting experience as well as enjoyed the wines on the farm especially the pinotage/merlot.


We returned to Stellenbosch and went on a short tour of the village before going to the L' Olive coffee shop for a light lunch. After our journey through Stellenbosch we visited the the township of Kayamandi.


We visited Lily Ngwexana and after hearing her life story I took the above picture of Lily, Naomi and Alan with Lily's legendary stove.


Alan and Lily's granddaugher Zizo (meaning all the girls)


After our visit to Lily we visited my friend Nosandile and her boyfriend Johannes. We spent some time time with them in their shack home where they told us all about what life was like staying in a shack in Kayamandi.



Naomi and Liesl one of the neighourhood kids near Nosandile's home


We walked around in Zone J meeting the local folk and also handing out bananas to the kids who brought us bags of trash to swop for the fruit. In the above picture Alan can be seen videoing a church service that was talking place in the area.

After our visit to Kayamandi we returned  to Cape Town. On arrival back in Newlands I dropped Alan and Naomi off at the Wijnhuis where they had dinner before walking back to their hotel.


21 December 2005

Peninsula Tour


We started our day by traveling to Muizenberg and Kalk Bay.


We visited at the Potters Way in Kalk Bay. Here we see Naomi in the craft shop with a dish that she bought.


Alan caught unawares in the Potters Way. JJ


At the penguin colony on Boulders Beach


Alan and Naomi with Cape Point and Judas Peak in the background


At Cape Point


Resting after climbing to the upper view point of Cape Point


Been there donme that!  JJ


Tali this is for you especialy from Alan on Chapmans Peak
PS The graffitti was already on the rock when we arrived at Chapmans Peak 


Alan saying "that's it I have enough of Naomi" while on Chapmans Peak. JJ

2 Minutes later they were back together again. JJ


Alan and Naomi on Table Mountain with Robben Island in the background


Great sunset pictures on Table Mountain



Click here to view a video of Alan and Naomi on top of Table Mountain
Note: Only watch this 5mb file video if you have a broadband connection


We ended our tour by visiting the Africa Cafe for a wonderful African feast. In the above picture Naomi and Alan can be seen with Pela our waitress for the evening at the restaurant.

What a wonderful couple Alan and Naomi were to travel with. They took everything in their stride and enjoyed whatever we did to the full. Our total tour experience was wonderful and I could do this tour with this couple in a heartbeat if I were given the chance to do so again. We had so much to talk about and so much in common that for me our two days together was not only a wonderful touring experience but also a great opportunity to become aquainted with a truly fabulous couple.



Received 24 January 2006


Dear Selwyn

Alan and I still talking about the fantastic time we had in Cape Town and in particular the two days that we spent touring with you. We have been telling our friends who are all so jealous of the trips that we made with you and are all saying that they want to contact you on their next trip as we saw so much together! Alan and I were overwhelmed with our visit to Kayamandi which gave us such an insight and education into what is actually going on with life in Cape Town and just how much work there is to do to raise standards and to change attitudes. We'll never forget Lily's stories.

We told Robert and Lynn about meeting the young boy who visited them and how we went to his home and saw his family. They were very excited to hear
about that and about our touring - Robert was on the point of booking another trip but had to be held back! I'm sure they will visit soon. I know that you are due to meet Ollie in February.

Our experience in Cape Town would not have been nearly as memorable without
your company and the masses of information that you gave to us and which we
now recount to our South African friends! By the way our close friend Charles Tannenbaum (from Jo'burg) told us how he used to spend every holiday at his family home in Muizenberg, just as you say, and he became quite sentimental about those trips.

We had a fantastic time on Safari and saw the big five and more. That was
quite a highlight. Alan's videos are quite compelling viewing and our kids
have been fascinated.

We both hope that all is well with you and with your wife - I assume you are
now approaching your busy touring season - we hope you have some great

Our very best wishes
Naomi and Alan Greenwood