Bill and Diane Grimsley

North Carolina -  USA

2 November 2004

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I met Bill and Diane at the Radisson Hotel. It was so good to see this wonderful couple once again. We stopped on the side of the road and swopped stories, since we last had seen each three years ago, and thereafter we made our way to the Cape Winelands


Bill and Diane at Hazendal winefarm where we enjoyed a winetasting

The Grimsleys stand in the doorway of the manor house at Hazendal.


We travelled to Cathbert Country House where Bill and I left Diane to have some rest while we went off exploring winefarms.

We stopped in at Cotage Fromage for lunch and also visited Vrede en Lust winefarm, at the same time. After lunch we moved on to Rupert and Rothschild as well as Glen Carlou where we had great fun tasting the wines on these farms.


Bill amongst the roses at Cotage Fromage


After our visit to Glen Carlou we moved on to Muratie where we had an interesting winetasting

In the evening we had a fabulous dinner at Cathbert Country House


Day 2 in the Cape Winelands


Diane and Bill at Cathbert Country House


At Bill's suggestion we visited Backsberg where we met Meredith (seen in picture) and had an excellent winetasting on the wonderfully scenic farm


Every now and then Diane joined in the winetasting experience  JJ


We moved on to Seidelberg Winefarm where we bought quite a bit of wine


After Seidelberg we travelled on to Franschhoek where we stopped for a great lunch at the restaurant Delicious. While travelling through the main road of Franschhoek I took the above picture of Bill admiring a king Protea.


Diane and Bill being helped through a winetasting by Jeneal at Haute Cabriere winefarm


We moved on to Warwick wine farm where the above photo was taken.
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We had a wonderful dinner at Cathbert in the evening.

Last day together!


We travelled to Thundercity where Bill, seen in a cockpit training seat in the above picture, went on a supersonic jet flight.


While Bill was flying Diane and I went to Kirstenbosch where I took the above photo


Diane shopping in Kirstenbosch


Diane and I returned to Thundercity where Bill had completed his flight  successfully.


A picture of us in our vehicle of transport as seen in the big glass window outside Thundercity


We left Thundercity and moved on to the Steenberg Farmstall (Ex Barnyard) where we had a lovely sandwich type lunch. We then moved on to Chapmans Peak as the Grimsley's had not seen the new driveway along the steep and scenic mountainside


Bill and Diane at the top of Chapmans Peak


It seems as if Bill is saying goodbye cruel world as he did not want to leave glorious Cape Town. JJ

I find it incredible that the feelings that I had when I last toured with Bill and Diane were the exact same this time around so I am going to repeat my comments that I made after our last tour viz.

This was such a wonderful tour that it is hard to find words to describe it. It certainly was a relaxing journey through Cape Town and the Cape Winelands as we never pushed to see "more" and did all our touring very qualitatively. Bill and Diane were something else. What wonderful people and fabulous travelers they turned out to be. Their company was most enjoyable and their sense of appreciation as to what Cape Town could offer them was absolutely amazing. Our parting ways at the airport was very hard for me however I somehow or other sense that they might be back one day.  Heres hoping!!!