Mary and Chris Guthrie

Milwaukee - Wisconsin - USA

15 June 2004

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I met Mary and Chris at their guesthouse in Green Point and we decided to go on a cultural tour of the Cape winelands


Mary and Chris at the Afrikaans language monument


After our tour of the Afrikaans language monument we travelled on to Franschoek where we visited the Franschhoek chocolate factory, did a tour of the town and also stopped in at the Old Corkscrew antique shop where I took the below picture of Chris in the shop 


We left Franschhoek and travelled to Stellenbosch. In Stelenbosch we did a car tour of the town and stopped in for a light latish lunch at De Zoete Inval. After lunch we moved on to Kayamandi

We met  Popo Sidona, who was a Robben Island prisoner, during the Apartheid regime, in his Kayamandi home

Mary and Chris having fun with the children of Kayamandi


Having great fun with Bana ba Kgotso (Children of peace)


After stopping in at Mzwake's home we stopped at Samkelo's home where he proudly joined Mary, Chris, and his mother Evangeline showing off his birthday cake  as the below picture shows.


Chris and Mary were a wonderful mother and son group to tour with. Chris was well versed in most that was happening around him on the day due to his being involved with Peace Corps in Mozambique while Mary was on a total learning curve. Together I believe we all gained a lot from each other on the day that I believe turned out to be a very happy and successful tour.



Received 18 June 2004

Dear Selwyn, 

We have arrived in Maputo and I truly feel like I have arrived in Africa. Just checking our email and touching home a little-just a bit of homesickness from mom, you know. Anyhow, we also had a wonderful, relaxing, informative tour with you also. I think once I sit back and reflect on everything, the real impact of what I have seen will sink in, even though when we got back to Bluegum Hill
the tears I was holding back came out easily. Chris saw me choking up when we first arrived in the township and gave me a stern, "Not here, mom." 

Please greet all the singers and everyone we met for us. I will write when I return home to share my memories of Chris's world. Again thank you so much for all you did. Without exaggeration I would have to say it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Take care and if you ever get to Wisconsin (Packer country) let me know. 


Received 28 June 2004

Dear Selwyn,

I just got home yesterday from my visit with Chris. As I was telling some 
family and friends who came over to wish me welcome home, I really don't know how I am going to be able to fully relate all of the experiences I had in 
Cape Town with you and especially what I experienced with Chris in Xai-Xai and  Maputo. I met some of the friendliest, kindest people that Chris lives and works with. My visit at his house and meeting his neighbors was wonderful. I want to thank you for the experience we had with you on Tuesday in Cape Town. It was difficult for me, but I think it was a great introduction to what I would find when I was with Chris and took the element of surprise and shock away so that I was really able to become a part of the experience, rather than being shocked by what I saw. We truly enjoyed our day with you and the pictures you sent back were awesome!

Again thanks so much for all you did in being part of a truly life changing 
experience for me. Say hello to everyone we met and if you ever get to the 
U.S., please make sure that, if possible, you come to Wisconsin, (the home of 
the Green Bay Packers, by the way!).

Go well, 

Mary Guthrie