Yaron, Darly, Ophir, Aviv and Hadar Hod

Omer - Israel

25 March 2010

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Arrival in Port Elizabeth


After arriving in PE the Hod family moved onto Lemon Tree Lane where they would be staying for the next 2 nights


Hadar, Ophir and Aviv at the Lemon Tree Lane swimming pool


Enjoying a late lunch at Lemon Tree Lane


Twins at the pool. JJ


Darly and Yaron's room became the family room 


Darly and Yaron enjoying dinner at Whickerwoods


Pictures taken at dinner at Whickerwoods



Everyone was tired after a great meal. J


Day 2

Schotia and Addo


This was a BIG safari day for the family


Elephants at Addo


Male lion at Addo


Baby elephants playing at Addo




Enjoying the shade of a wonderful tree at Addo


At the entrance to Addo with two elephant skeleton heads


In the 4 * 4 on Schotia


Lion at Schotia









Wildebeest herd




Enjoying a tea break on Schotia


Aviv raring to go



Pictures taken on Schotia



Female Kudu

Rhinos mudding it out




Rhinos in close proximity


Male lion at night


Day 3

Treetop Canopy Tour
Bloukrans Bridge
Plett Puzzle Park



The Hod family before leaving Lemon Tree Lane


Being briefed or the Treetop Canopy Tour by Doane


Aviv marks her Israeli spot as some who has done the canopy tour


Doane and Lianco kit Ophir up for her canopy tour


All set to go!


Darly kits up


The Hod flying family


All set to fly!


Pictures taken on the canopy tour
























At the Bloukrans Bridge


Aviv sowing why she could not bungy jump off the bridge


Enjoying a tapas lunch at Bramon wine farm


Oogling choclates




Setting up the internet at Overmeer


Sunset pictures in Knysna



Triple drinks at the Ocean Basket in Knysna


Hadar grows a moustache. J


The Hod family outside the Ocean basket

Day 4

Brenton on sea
Yacht Ride
The Heads


We started our day with a 6km walk across the Brenton on sea beach

The Hod family getting ready to do the Brenton walk as seen in the background


The Hods looking rather small on the Brenton beach



Arriving back from the walk at Buffalo Bay


After our walk on Brenton we travelled to the Knysna harbour where we went on a yacht cruise on the Knysna Estuary as well as we were lucky enough to go through the Knysna Heads














Please click here to see a video of our yachting experience
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Returning back to the estuary from the seaside with the Heads in the background


Slightly seasick on board  JJ


The yacht going through the Heads


Once back on land all was well and nobody was seasick anymore. JJ


Shopping at the African Attitude shop in the Knysna Waterfront



On top of the Knysna Heads


Walking on The Heads


Dinner at Firefly

Day 5

Cape Vaccas


Playing with the Labradors (Mowgli and Nemo) at Overmeer before moving on to Botlierskop


We went on safari on Botlierskop and saw many animals on the ride with our ranger Ryan


Twins and Rhinos


Rhino's and Wildebeest


Wildebeest ahead


Ahoy Giraffes!






Waterbuck in the background


A rare herd of buffalo







It seems as if this elephant was going to charge Ophir. JJ




Lunch at Botlierskop


Aviv and Hadar in their sleeping place for the next two nights at Cape Vaccas


In the evening the Hods phoned home using Skype to speak to family in Israel whereafter we had a short seder and a wonderful dinner cooked by Katriena from Cape Vaccas.

Day 6

Cape Vaccas

Lunch at Cape Vaccas
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Please click here to see a video of Ophir doing sabrage
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Swimming on the Cape Vaccas Beach with our cottage in the background







Playing "film star film star"! JJ


Fish dinner at Cape Vaccas

Day 7

Travel to De Kraal - Franschhoek




On our way to Franschhoek we met these ostriches


At Affie Plaas (Off the farm) where we had lunch



After arriving at De Kraal we travelled back to Franschhoek where we had dinner at French Connection

Day 8

Cape Town

We took these pictures at De Kraal, where we over-nighted, before leaving fro Stellenbosch



Lunch at the Tokara deliCATessen


Having fun at Tokara



Akhat,  shta'im,  shalosh.....3 .Hods in a row. JJ


After doing a short tour of Stellenbosch we moved onto Kayamandi (Home sweet home) where we visited the Ikamva Lethu Centre (Our Future centre) 



Please click here to watch Yaron and Loyanda going through a drumming session
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Please click here to watch all dancing at the Ikamva Lethu Centre
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We travelled through Kayamandi and then moved onto Zone J where the below pictures were taken.






Handing out apples in exchange for trash





We left Kayamandi and moved onto Cape Town airport where we collected a car that the Hods were hiring for the next week. Thereafter we moved onto FlatRock where the Hods were staying while in Cape Town.


Wednesday - 7 April 2010

Our last night together  L

Dinner at Millers Thumb


With Hilton and Pearl Gischen at Millers Thumb restaurant on our last evening together.


The Hods were an amazing and fabulous family to travel with. The way that I want to remember them is by the pictures that follow. All these photos typify their character as a family so well in that they stand together as one very tight and happy unit no matter what adversity they face. Oh they were so wonderful to show around the Garden Route and Cape Winelands. The girls were an absolute delight while Yaron and Darly added so much warmth as well as amazing and intelligent perspective to our tour.  All in all an incredibly memorable time was had by all and it was really very hard for me to say goodbye to this wonderful family at their Cape Town apartment on our last night together.












and finally


Received 14 April 2010

To Our Dearest and Beloved Selwyn,

We arrived home on Friday morning totally tired and drained out from our
wonderful trip to your magnificent county, a time we will never forget. We
have returned to the routine of our lives be it work or back to school both
of which are totally demanding. The many sculptors and the pieces of
furniture which we collected on our travels have now been scattered
throughout our home, constantly reminding us of the views, sounds and sights
of our tantalizing experiences we shared.

With great warmth, joy and enthusiasm we read your email and revisited the
photo album, a vivid collection, of moments and happenings of our holiday in
sunny South Africa. Even though this trip is our second and similar to the
first, which we did 5 years back, it was your deep understanding and
knowledge on the varying subjects, areas, history and cultural of the
peoples of your country; as well as your constant attention and devotion you
showered on us coupled with a sincere friendship that made the difference.
We will not forget the yacht trip we had while sailing out towards the
ocean while passing the "HEADS"- it was an experience out of the ordinary a
moment in time to remember for always, as was our stay in the C.V.- a
dream. Of course, this is not forgetting our daily encounters with views,
experiences and of course the good cuisine ,which you so graciously saw
to. This was a trip, which is and will be engraved in our mind's eye and
deep memory for a life time, to you a heartfelt thanks.

You, our dear Selwyn are a dear, good and loving Jew, who knows and
understands how to care for your travellers with a full, good and most
sincere heart. You are a most interesting person to spend time with, full of
humor, knowledge and interest in the world around you- loving, funny and
caring. The time we spent with you as a family was a time we will not
forget and needless to say you have enriched us greatly in many walks of
life. It is, therefore, not surprising that Ophir, Aviv and Hadar were
overwhelmed by your spirit and personality and even "fell in love" and
regard you as one of their own family. As a result on leaving and
returning back home, the parting at Flat Rock was difficult for them as well
as for us.

14 Apr. 2010

Dit is jou verjaarsdag en ons hoop dat alles is goed. Baie gesondheid en geluk J

Just look after yourself and please cut down on the chocolate flakes in the
ice cream and Cola J.  May G-d bless you with a full, happy and healthy life
and may your dreams be fulfilled.

We hope that Betty is feeling much better and that she has returned to a
full and active life. If ever in the future you intend to visit our
magnificent country we will be honored and delighted to host you.

With warm hugs kisses and deep affection.

The Hod family- Darly, Yaron, Ophir, Aviv and Hadar.