Tip and Vicki Huffman

Anaheim Hills, California - USA

Gifts for Kayamandi

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Tip and Vicki showed wonderful generosity when they went out to buy many gifts for the kids of Kayamandi once they returned back to the USA

The below pictures show the reaction when the gifts were handed out at the Isibane Sempulelo creche in Kayamandi. (The light at the end of the tunnel pre-school) 

Small thoughts make such a HUGE difference!


The magical box is about to be opened! 


WOW -  Look at whats inside the box!!!

Hip hip hooray!



Look what I got....


Let go skipping!


Look at my crayons.


Hands off they are mine!



Nosandile (teacher) says "look at the wonderful book".





What more can I say other than look at the smiling faces and see why I say

"Thanks a million Tip and Vicki"