Alan and Ursula Jonas

Highlands Park - Illinois - USA

14 January 2006

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I met Alan and Ursula at the Savoy Cabbage restaurant on 13 January when I gave them a surprise by stopping in at their table so as to introduce myself. Our meeting up was a fabulous experience and set us up completely for the next day.

On the morning of the 14th of January I collected Alan and Ursula at the Cape Hollow Hotel whereafter we set off on a Cape Winelands + township tour.


We stopped in at the Afrikaans language monument
(Apologies for the green blur in the picture- have no idea where it came from)

We moved on to Allee Bleeue for lunch where I took the above and below pictures of Alan and Ursula


We travelled on to Stellenbosch and did a tour of the wonderful town



We moved on to Kayamandi and met Lily in her home as seen in the above picture.


Having fun with the kids in Kayamandi






Selwyn having fun with the children of Kayamandi


Handing out fruit as part of the "Fruit for Trash" project


We met up with Bennet and Samkela in Bennets shack home.


After our visit to Kayamandi we moved on to the Oude Libertas open air amphitheatre where we went to a concert representing an evening of opera choruses performed by the local Cape Opera choir. At Oude Libertas we met up with my wife Bette and two friends of our viz. Mervyn and Geraldine Bennun. We enjoyed a picnic and then went to the opera evening. Unfortunately we expereinced a couple of drops of rain so the organisers wrongly, as it did not rain any further, moved the concert into the adjacent hall to the amphitheater. No matter what the concert was a wonderful experience which we all enjoyed.

What a fantastic couple Alan and Ursula were to travel with. We shared so much that I clean forgot to take photos as we were travelling in that I was so engrossed with their conversation. Alan and Ursula simply took all in their stride and enjoyed whatever we did to the hilt. Our total tour experience was awesome as we had so much to talk about and so much in common that for me our  day together was not only a fabulous touring experience but also a great opportunity to become aquainted with a truly fabulous couple.





Received on 31 January 2006

Dear Selwyn and Bette,

Greetings from us and the U.S. We received your lovely note of 19 January but, unfortunately, we were unable to access email while in S.A. We arrived home safe, well and greatly enriched by our visit to your lovely country beginning with our fantastic day with you and, later on, with your friends. Our day with you created a meaningful beginning for our appreciation of your beautiful country. We will cherish that day as a special one in our lives.

Our trip was every bit as exciting as we expected. We joined our Elderhostel group of 20 and found our travelmates to be not only very compatible but people whose life experiences added an additional source of interest. Our varied group included several doctors, a retired minister, several teachers, a charitable foundation administrator, a couple who had climbed Mt. Everest and a former member of U.S. military intelligince to mention but a few. We had a great time with our new friends.

After a few more days in Capetown, we headed north and east to Knysna wher we walked with the elephants and from there on to Drakensberg which was very beautiful. We then headed for Itala and Hluhluwe via a stop in Lennox to stay at a farm and for a visit to Isandlwana. Our one day in Itala and three days in Hluhluwe gave us the opportunity to view your wildlife up close. Our guide in Hluhluwe was especially good and she was excited as were we when we saw a leopard and were able to view it for quite a while. Our last day with the group ended with a sighting of an elephant herd and a rarely seen (so we were told) African wild dog.

We left our group for a one day independent visit to Jo-Berg where we visited Soweto (yes - you were right - it was different than Kayamandi), the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill. This last day sort of tied our whole S.A. experience together and gave us a great view as to what S. A. is all about. Of course, that view was made all the more meaningful with our great day of 14 January, 2006.

Best wishes to you both and we hope that some time in the future we'll be able to be with you again. Perhaps you and Bette will visit Chicago one of these days and be our guest in Highland Park.

Again, a million thanks.

Ursula and Alan



Some extra photos taken by Ursula and Alan while travelling in through Cape Town


The Bo Kaap area


At Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope