Steve, Eileen, Harry and Hannah Keeton

Burton-on-Trent - UK

3 April 2008

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I met the Keetons at the Fountain Hotel in town and we immediately set off to ascend Table Mountain as the weather was good and I was unsure as to what the weather would be like for the next two days.


Steve, Eileen, Hannah and Harry atop of Table Mountain. 
Oh I nearly forgot please note that Leo (in Hannah's hands) followed us everywhere as will be seen later in all the tour pictures. JJ


Hannah and Leo on Table Mountain


Doing the Table Mountain shuffle


Hannah and Leo having fun atop of Table Mountain


We stopped in at Bonjour Patisserie for cakes

We visited the Butterfly Farm in the winelands


We travelled to Stellenbosch and had lunch at the Greengage restaurant. We then took a short tour of Stellenbosch before moving on to Kayamandi.


Please click on the above picture to see Harry go-karting in Kayamandi
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Hannah having her hair braided in the township


Harry having fun with the township kids who were fascinated by his Big 5 t-shirt



Outside of Nosandile and Johannes's shack/home


Enjoying the ballroom dancing at the Ikamva Lethu Centre


Leo joins in to enjoy the ballroom dancing. J


Please click on the above picture to see everyone dancing in the Ikamva Lethu Centre
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Chicken time in Kayamandi






Hannah and Harry handing out apples for trash in Kayamandi



Hannah, Harry and Leo with the kids from Zone J in Kayamandi


The township as seen by 10 year old Hanna Keeton

       The town ship

The people in the town ship
Are very very poor
And they will smile,
And smile and smile some more

The people in the town ship
If you saw it yourself
It would make you cry
And then you will say
There for the grace of god go I.



We went for diner to the Ocean Basket in the waterfront



Day 2

Cape Peninsula


We started our day by going for breakfast to the Gardeners Cottage


We stopped in at Fish Hoek Beach where Hannah and Harry braved the war waters of False Bay; Leo observed all. J




Harry trys to overturn Hannah


Hannah turns matters around and tries to overturn Harry


Hannah wins!   J


Hannah and Leo at Fish Hoek beach


Steve and Hannah at Fish Hoek beach


The young Keetons with Just Nuisance in Simonstown


Just Nuisance + the Keetons


Leo has his say at the statue of the famous great Dane too. J


Having a pie lunch lunch at the Boulders


Enjoying the penguins on Foxy Beach


Leo enjoying the penguins


At Cape Point


Leo and Hannah at Cape Point


All the Keetons enjoying Cape Point


At the most south western tip of Africa - The Cape of Good Hope


Harry tries to day goodbye cruel world on Chapmans Peak J


The Keeton kids with Leo on Chapmans Peak


On Chapmans Peak


Mom and son at sunset on Chapmans Peak


Sunset on Chapmans Peak



Please click on the above picture to see Harry performing sabrage so as to celebrate our wonderful journey together
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The Keeton's were a fabulous family to travel with. The way that I want to remember them is so well typified in the 2nd sunset photo on Chapmans Peak. The photo typifies their character as a family so well in that they stand together as one very tight and happy unit no matter what adversity they face. The Keetons were such a great family to show around Cape Town. Harry and Hannah were an absolute delight while Steve and Eileen just went with the flow and I believe enjoyed our journey together. All in all an incredibly memorable time was had by all and it was really very hard to say goodbye to this wonderful family at the Africa Cafe on the night that we parted company.

and oops I nearly forgot Leo!