Paul Klepetko        Tessa Deutsch

New York - USA

Barbara Klepetko       

Sydney - Australia

Robyn Klepetko

Melbourne - Australia

25 August 2007

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I met this foursome made at the Cape Grace Hotel where they were staying. Having been in much contact with Paul prior to our touring together we were well prepared for what we were going to be doing tourwise in cape Town so we immediately set off on a Cape peninsula journey. 


Paul, Tessa and Barbara with Llandudno in the background


Barbara bargaining with local traders at Llandudno


We moved onto the western side of the Cape peninsula and while driving through Kalk Bay we had an amazing experience when we spotted whales. Here we see Tessa and Robyn at the viewpoint where we had a great view of the whales frolicking in False Bay



Paul at the penguin colony at Boulders Beach 


Tessa and Paul at the penguin colony


Robyn and Barbara at the penguin colony


Tessa at the Boulders Beach


We travelled on to Cape Point and also made it to the Cape of Good Hope (most south western point of Africa)


A great picture of Tessa with Paul in the background J on the Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve


Enjoying champagne at sunset on Kommetjie Beach


Enjoying a fish dinner at Baia in the Cape Town Waterfront


Barbara at Baia looking very happy with her meal. J


Day 2

Cape Winelands


We started our day with some shopping at Tribal Trends and on nearby city centre markets


Barbara at Tribal Trends


Tessa finds a cuddly friend at Tribal Trends J


Robyn and Barbara shopping in the Pan African market


Barbara and Robyn on the Greenmarket Square


Robyn and Barbara standing on the circle demarcating the centre of cape Town near the Greenmarket square


Barabar coming through the impressive stone entrance at Ernie Els's winefarm


The foursome at Ernie Els with the great view from the farm  in the background


Paul and Tessa winetasting at Ernie Els


We moved on to Avontuur winefarm for lunch where I took the above picture of the happy foursome


We travelled on to Kayamandi where all had the great opportunity of meeting Lily in her township home


Having fun photographing the kids in front of the Ikamva lethu Centre in Kayamandi. 

We had great fun with the Masakhane dance group in the Ikamva Lethu Centre.
To see the highlight of our visit at the centre please click here to see Robyn and Langa in action
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Tessa enjoying the kids singing in Nosandile's shack home


Robyn having fun with Liesl and Jene' in Kayamandi


Robyn enjoying some township kid photography


A great picture of Tessa with "Tootie"
Please click on the above picture so as to see a wonderful video of Tootie
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Joining in with the community at the St.Pauls church in Kayamandi


Please click on the above picture so as to see all enjoying themselves in the St.Pauls Church
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After our visit to Kayamandi we returned to Cape Town. On the next two days my brother Robert continued the tour as I was not available to tour further than two days with this great group.

It was absolutely fabulous to take this foursome around Cape Town, the Winelands and Kayamandi. We had much fun together in all that we did and I do believe that all the Klepetkos and Tessa had the opportunity to obtain a great idea of what my city and its peoples were all about. Truly a great tour and most certainly one that I was sorry that I could not complete due to prior commitments. I say this because even though Robert told me that he had a wonderful time with everyone I was  jealous that I could not complete the journey to the full but cest la vie that the life of a tourguide who gets too close to his visitors especially when they are such great people as Paul, Tessa, Barbara and Robyn. JJ



Received 9 September 2007

Hi Selwyn,

Thank you so much for your e-mail - it's great to hear from you. I'm so 
sorry to hear that you were struck down with the flu. I hope you are feeling 
a lot better now! I couldn't imagine you not being able to talk :)

I know that Paul & Tessa are flat chat at work already (they went straight 
from the airport to work upon their arrival back in NY!) & Mum is still 
learning how to use e-mail. Therefore I would like to say thank you on 
behalf of all four of us for the wonderful two days that we had with you in 
and around Cape Town. You showed us what an amazing, beautiful and complex 
part of the world it is, and shed a special light for us on the vibrancy and 
spirit of its people. I would like to thank you also for catering so 
admirably to each of our different interests and personalities. I think we 
each got so much out of the time that we spent touring with you. It would 
have been wonderful to have had more time with you but as you have said, 
'c'est la vie'. Thank you for organising for Robert to look after us for 
the remaining part of our stay. He also did a fantastic job. We had magical 
weather for our visit to the top of Table Mountain, and loved our day in the 
Winelands too.

The rest of our holiday in Southern Africa just flew by. The best thing 
about our trip was that there were so many contrasts. Each place we visited 
was amazing and beautiful, but very different to anywhere else that we had 
been. We will certainly remember it for the rest of our lives.

I have had a look at your web-site and the photos are great. What a fabulous 
way to remember the trip. I don't know that the film clip portrayed the 
'highlight' of our visit to the Ikamva Lethu Centre, though! Watching those 
kids dancing was so much more special... but thank you for keeping such a 
great record of our entire visit :)

Selwyn, I will say goodbye for now but I send to you and to Bette all of our 
very best wishes. If you have any plans to visit New York, Sydney or 
Melbourne then please be sure to let us know! In the mean time, take care, 
and enjoy that amazingly beautiful city of yours.

With many thanks and love from all of us,

Robyn (and Paul, Tessa, and Barbara)