Steve and Gail Koff
Chuck and Joyce Batts

San Francisco, California - USA

29 April 2009

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I met this great foursome at the place of stay in Cape Town. (4 Rosmead). It most certainly did not take us long to become acquainted and once this had happened we started off on a Cape Peninsula tour


Steve having fun in the smokers room at the Extreme Hotel


Gail and Steve walking in the hotel


Gail at the penguin colony


Chuck and Joyce at the penguin colony on Boulders beach


The foursome at Boulders beach

At Cape Point


Watching ostriches near the Cape of Good Hope


At the Cape of Good Hope






Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera with me on this day and had to resort to cellphone camera photos of which the quality was not great. Apologies for this.


We started our day at the Afrikans laungauge monument


Lunch at Lily in Kayamandi





Having fun at the Ikamva Lethu center with some of the children in kayamandi






Sharing photos with the local young community.


Travelling with Gail, Steve, Chuck and Joyce was a great experience. What really made the journey so wonderful was the way that this foursome got on with each other. All on tour gave everyone their own space, respect and friendship which for me as the tourguide in the group was a great experience to go through. Together we enjoyed Cape Town and Kayamandi to the full and I do believe that all enjoyed our 2 days together. For friendship and camaraderie this tour was unbeatable and needless to say seeing the Western Cape region helped this along quite nicely.






Received 14 May 2005

Dear Selwyn,
Thank you for your very nice note and by the way, the couple who we "knew" (your second email) was no accident that they booked with you...we have been telling everyone during our journey that your tours were the highlight of our Cape trip!  Thankfully at least one couple took us up on our recommendation! And hopefully, several more will pass on the word.
Selwyn, you are an amazing person.  The tour of Kayamandi was so much more than you accurately described in your literature.  We all left thinking that, not only was it an amazing experience and learning opportunity, but it gave us so much better insight beyond the "first impression" of the township.  Had we taken the usual bus tour, we most likely would have left with the same impression that we started with.
Your caring and dedication to the community is inspiring.  You walk the talk.  We were humbled by the experience and thank you for sharing your passion, of making this a better world, with us.  I am returning to my volunteer activity of working with foster children renewed!
Warmest Regards,

Received 20 May 2009


We are back in the states after a long, exhausting 34 hours on planes and in
airports, but that can't deter the pleasure of the wonderful trip we
experienced. Of course your tour always comes up as one of the highlights.
The rest of the trip was also very interesting with lots of wildlife and
wonderful people. We loved Botswana and the people we met; I particularly
will remember my 65th birthday (Yes, I can still remember what I had for
breakfast.) when all the staff on the safari camp paraded out after dinner
to sing and dance with even a rendition of "Happy Birthday, Chuckio." The
people were so warm and friendly! I think they out shone the beautiful
scenery of the Okavango Delta. It really was the trip of a lifetime...maybe
there is one more trip to Africa in us.

I thank you for your time and insights; I feel I know South Africa much
better than before our adventure. I enjoyed your comments and honesty about what is happening there, both the obstacles and the future hopes, as much as I enjoyed Cape Town. I know many people who plead the case of concern for others, but you "walk the walk." While we both realize that issues are enormous, one committed person can make a difference. I wish you could multiply your commitment and focus to all South Africans. You are a remarkable individual in so many ways. Again, thank you for the time you
spent with us sharing your love of Cape Town and all its residents. 

As an aside, the glasses are a trivial matter for you to worry about. Also,
you were right about my debit card. Luckily I cancelled the card before too
much damage was done.

Yours truly,
Chuck and Joyce Batts