Adrian and Camille Menendez

Orlando; Florida USA

31 October 2003

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I met Adrian and Camille at the Cape Town airport on their arrival in Cape Town. We met up with Don (father of friend of Camille) and we arranged to meet him and his visitors for lunch later on in the day. We then set out of a one day tour whether Adrian and Camille would have the opportunity of feeling Cape Town, its people and its vibe.


We started off by traveling up Signal Hill so as to obtain an overhead view of the city. We would have ascended Table Mountain but the above picture tells you why we did not do so. Damned cloud! JJ 


On leaving Signal Hill we stopped in at Osman Brothers in the Bo-Kaap where the Menendez's had some fun buying local Cape Town spices.


The next 3 pictures were taken in the very colourful Bo-Kaap area


We travelled into Longs Street to do some walking in the area. In the above photo we see Adrian with a young "informal parking attendant"  who called himself Johnny Walker who looked after our car.


We stopped at Morris's Butchery so as to sample biltong and droewors (dry sausage)


On our way to Greenmarket Square we stopped in at the Antique row on Church Street. 


Aftyer our walk in Cape Town we travelled up to the Mount Nelson Hotel where I took this photo of Adrian and Camille.


We went down to Zoeriena's Cape Malay Restaurant where we met up with John and Nancy (seated on the left) and Don and Inge (on the right) 


After lunch we decided that clouded or not we were going to ascend Table Mountain.

Atop Table Mountain we cracked a bottle of champagne doing sabriage.


Adrian and Camille on Table Mountain.


Camille and Adrian in the cable car going down the mountain.


Camille and Adrian in the cable car at the halfway mark of the ascent with the upward cable car passing us along the way.

After our visit to Table Mountain we travelled via the Atlantic seaboard viewing Camps Bay and Sea Point along the way while we made our way back to the Cape Town airport where I had to unfortunately bade the Menendez's farewell.

Traveling with Adrian and Camille was an interesting experience as it was fascinating to see what they wanted to do as to as to "feel" Cape Town. I really feel that they did achieve their aim and even though they were quite tired by the time they flew out of Cape Town on the next part of their adventure I do believe that they attained exactly what they were looking for when stopping over in our great city.

Thanks for the great experience

Adrian and Camille

Received 16 February 2004



So sorry it has taken us this long to write you but it seems that doing so finally brings our trip to Cape Town and Africa to a sad end. Camille and I just want to let you know that you made our trip to the Mother City a joy and a real adventure. 

In addition your efficient service really added to our being able to see so much in such a short time span. We really did achieve our goal of getting a feel for Cape Town. Her sights, sounds and smells will never leave us.

Our family and friends were so excited when you sent them the photos of our tour. They just marveled at the beauty as well as the technology that allowed you to bring it into their homes. All they could think of from that day forward was the rest of our trip wishing they could receive the same kind gesture that you provided them with.

The remainder of our trip was absolutely fabulous. Camille will never forget her experiences. We never encountered any real hardships or inconveniences even on the three camping/canoe safaris. It was a bit say the least. The locals were wonderful and showed us their countries as if they had been to a tour seminar sponsored by you. Botswana and Zim were outstanding. It is a shame that Zimbabwe is going through such turmoil. We never had a problem except in the Zim airports where they had enacted a domestic flight departure tax on the spur of the moment. We got caught without any US$'s so the pilot of the bush plane had to advance us the funds. This happened twice once in Vic Falls and Kariba.

Towards the end of the trip in Chizaria I fell while on a safari walk and stuck myself in the leg with the tip of a thin sharp tree trunk that apparently fell victim to a unruly elephant. Suffered a 4" long/ 2' deep gash. No stitches to be had in the middle of nowhere. Good thing Camille is a nurse and the guide had a make-shift first-aid kit. Never did get it stitched. I have healed well but carry the scar of my adventure. It really could have been worse when one looks back on it. We did not let us slow us down for the remainder of our journey. 

Well my friend...Your City...Country and Continent ...were as magnificent as one could only imagine. One day we will return...Until then you will never be forgotten.

Our warmest regards

Adrian and Camille Menendez
Orlando, Florida