David and Debbie Milner.

Denver - Colorado - USA

Anna Milner and Cristina Beasley

New York - USA

15 November 2005

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I met the Milners and Cristina at their apartment in Loaders Street and we set out on our Winelands/Kayamandi experience.


David, Debbie, Cristina and Anna in front of Table Mountain as seen from the Bo-Kaap area


We drove to the Afrikaans language Monument in Paarl where I took the above photo of Anna and Cristina nextt to a king Protea


The foursome in front of the monument
Apologies for the poor exposure.


We travelled on to Kayamandi and visited Nosandile's creche where the following photos were taken.





Click here to view a video of the group enjoying some young children dancing at the Isibane Sempumulelo (light at the end of the tunnel) creche
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We left Kayamandi and went on a short tour of Stellenbosch where we visited the Greegage restaurant for a quick healthy lunch.



We returned to Kayamandi and visited Lily at her "Once upon a stove"  home.


The foursome at Lily's home with the magnificent view from Kayamandi in the background


Click here to view a video of some of the members of the Masakhane dance group practising at the Ikamva Lethu Centre
Only watch this 5mb file video if you have a broadband connection


We visited Nosandile at her home


A happy group photo in front of Nosandile's shack home.


Drinking holy water in the Water Church


Joining in a church service in Zone J

Click here to view a video of the foursome at a church service in Zone J
Note: Only watch this 5mb file video if you have a broadband connection


Anna and Cristina as seen through the shack corridors in Kayamandi


The Milners and Cristina  were an amazing foursome to travel with. Everyone had something concrete to add to the tour and it resulted in all enjoying themselves immensely. That certainly included me and for this alone I want to thank all in a very BIG way.

This foursome simply went with the flow, trusted the situation and with their great sense of human kindness and consideration coming through so strongly we had a fabulous time together in  Kayamandi and the Winelands. What an amazing and memorable journey this truly was.

Dave Debbie, Anna and Cristina,

Received: 30 Novemebr 2005

Dear Selwyn,

I want to send you a HUGE THANK YOU right back from all of us! Our 
day with you was definitely a HIGHLIGHT of our trip. Not only did we 
come away with many wonderful memories of the people of Kayamandi and 
their inspiring stories, but we also learned so much about the 
history of South Africa that gave us a foundation for trying to 
understand how townships could even come to be. It was an incredible 
learning experience and gave meaning to our whole trip. I seriously 
don't think we could have appreciated the complexity of South Africa 
if we hadn't gone on our tour with you, so thank you, thank you!! 
You whetted our appetites to learn more about the history of the 
different races and ethnic groups that make up South Africa, and Dave 
and I have both read a few books already on that subject. We intend 
to rent the movies you recommended, and if you have any books that 
you think are especially insightful about South Africa, we would love 
your recommendations for reading, as well.

We truly appreciated hearing your perspective on sociopolitical 
issues (especially since we share many of your feelings!). We also 
have a great deal of respect for the work that you are doing in 
Kayamandi. It seems that the work you are doing is very generative - 
that is, the kids are getting opportunities to make their lives 
better in the present -- learning to dance and perform, cleaning up 
their environment, applying themselves in school -- but that learning 
will also help them in the future. They are learning that their 
worlds can be bigger than the township, that they can have an impact 
on their lives and not just be subject to the whims of fate and 
poverty, and that their options can increase exponentially with hard 
work and applying themselves. And, of course, this is true for the 
adults like Lily and Nosandile, as well. We will welcome 
opportunities to support your endeavors, so please feel free to let 
us know of ways we can contribute.

Thank you also for putting the pictures on your website - what a 
great idea! I especially loved the little videos that you took! You 
truly are a tour guide who does it out of love, and we are so glad 
that we found you. If I ever have any friends who plan to visit 
South Africa, I will definitely recommend you to them.


P.S. Another thank you for giving me the route to take and the 
sights to see along the way to Cape Point. The driving was a little 
hairy for me, especially on the Chapman's Peak drive, but your 
recommendations were much appreciated.