Outside company tour

The Denvers

 The Merrys 

Mr. Persens

October 2003

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Sometimes tours work and sometimes they dont. This was a tour that did not work as far as I was concerned. The tour was done by me on behalf of a company who had asked the above people to join them in Cape Town. I was employed to do a one day winelands tour for the 5 people, Somehow or other we just did not gel. The main reason for this was because two people in the party thought that they knew all and in actual fact were very ignorant about much. Personally I feel that these people spoilt the journey for all and I am very sorry that this was the case.

As a tourguide I regard it as my function to MAKE a tour work, no matter what, however if the individuals on tour dont try to do so then the tour certainly wont be as special as it should be. I think the people on board this tour felt they they had a great day however I know that it could have been a lot better and feel sorry for the parties who truly missed out on quite a lot of the wonders of Cape Town and its surrounds.

For obvious reasons the names of the tour participants have been changed. I do have photos of the tour but once again have for obvious reasons not published any of them. To the one couple on this tour I apologize as I feel that on their own we would have had a glorious time together.


One can ask why I published the above information and the answer is simple:

This was my first real touring flop in all of my career as a tourguide and I want those who read this photo web page to know that what you see is 100% true, warts and all.