Andy, Gayle and Bethany Padvorac
Debbie and Carly Bergman
Tammy and Farris Rae
Seattle, Washington State USA

22 July 2008

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I met the Padvoracs at the hotel where the USA ropeskipping team were staying and after some initial discussion we decided that it would be a good idea to enlarge our group so Gayle and Bethany went back to the hotel to fetch Tammy, Debbie, Carly and Farris. Overall this was a great move as everyone brought so much to the tour on the day that I cant imagine what would have happened if we were not such a large group overall. After meeting all we started out to the Stellenbosch region.


We stopped in at the Cheetah Outreach programme before we moved onto Stellenbosch.
Here we see Farris, Bethany and Carly petting a cheetah at the project


We travelled into Stellenbosch and enjoyed a tour of the city as well as lunch at a local restaurant L'Olive. After lunch we moved onto Kayamandi 


Listening to Lily tell us her life story



Lily and her famous stove


Bethany, Carly and Farris join Lily at her stove


After enjoying watching the kids in the Ikamva lethu Centre dancing the girls gave us a jumping exhibition and then it was over to the kids to show us what they could do with the skipping ropes.







And then the dancing started.......



Debbie finds a soul mate. JJ


Tammy find s a soul mate too.  JJ


Not to be outdone Gayle also found a soul mate. JJ


So then Debbie found another soul mate. JJJJ


And so did Tammy. JJJJ


And Gayle outstripped them all by finding many soul mates. JJJJ


Meantime the girls were find many soul mates. JJJJ


Bethany having fun with some of the kids in the centre


Carly makes many friends in Kayamandi


We went for a walk through the Zone J area and met Nomoroma with her daughter and granddaughter in her shack home


We attended a church service in Zone J



The girls helped with handing out apples in the fruit for trash project


Our last port of call before leaving fro Cape Town was to go back to Lily where she and her daughters entertained us to some wonderful choral singing. See a video of the experience below

In my opinion the best way to try and experience what happened to us all is to look at the videos that were taken on the day. Please click on the below videos and enjoy the whole experience that we went through.

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Skipping at the Ikamva lethu Centre


Kids skipping at the centre 1


Kids skipping at the centre 2


Kids skipping at the centre 3


Dancing at the Ikamva Lethu Centre 1


Dancing at the Ikamva Lethu Centre 2


Alicia Keys eat your heart out J


"No one" by the Ikamva Kids


Kayamandi church service 1


Kayamandi church service 2


What a wonderful day this was in Kayamandi. Between the whole group and all the people we met there was so much interaction and a massive cultural exchange. We learnt more about rope skipping while the group learnt a lot about black culture. It was a non stop experience where all really enjoyed themselves immensely. For me it was another experience that would be very hard to forget as it was such an awesome tour experience.