Dennis Bowen and Elizabeth Pyle
Amherst, Massachusetts, USA. 

19 May 2004

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I met Dennis and Elizabeth at their cottage in Feldhausen Avenue, Claremont and we set off on our mini safari/winelands/township journey.

Our first stop as at Clara Anna Fontein where we enjoyed a ride on the game farm seeing quite a number of animal with a reebuck being the rare find of the day.

Elizabeth with a springbok in the background.



Elizabeth and Denis the farmlands of Clara Ana Fontein in the background. If you look carefully you can also see a zebra to the right of Dennis's shoulder


We travelled on to the Afrikaans language monument where I took the below photo of Dennis and Elizabeth



We stopped in at Cotage Fromage for a cheese lunch.

After lunch we travelled on to Stellenbosch where we did a tour of the town looking at some of the interesting buildings in the town as well as visiting the campus. After our journey through Stellenbosch we move on to the township of Kayamandi.

Nosandile and Elizabeth sharing a funny moment in Nosandile's shack home


Mzwake, Elizabeth, Dennis and Nozandile pose for a picture in Nozandile's home.


Dennis and Elizabeth with some of the kids in Kayamandi


Handing out fruit to the kids of the township



Lindiwe, Samkelo and Redu pose for a picture with Elizabeth while young Xolile shows of his tangerines


4 Kayamandi friends with Dennis and Elizabeth in the background


Elizabeth and Watiswe share the floor while Bana Ba Kgosto sing away in the background


Having great fun with Ban Ba Kgosto


Elizabeth found a sleeping friend in Lololo while enjoying Bana Ba Kgosto. JJ


We left the Ikamva Lethu centre and stopped in with Samkelo at his home before we moved on to the Moyo restaurant


Enjoying the music of "Third World Bunfight" at Moyo

Now what's that tune?? JJJ

After our visit to Moyo we returned to Claremont where I unfortunately had to bid farewell to this lovely couple.


This was such a wonderful one day tour. The combination or events was a new formula for me while touring and I really enjoyed the day very much. I also got the impression that Elizabeth and Dennis felt similarly. Elizabeth and Dennis were fabulous people to tour with and I enjoyed every minute of their presence while we were on tour. This couple were wonderful to tour with and their sense of appreciation as to what Cape Town could offer them was certainly provoked after this journey as they still have 2 weeks ahead of them in Cape Town that they now can and I am sure will enjoy to the hilt. 




Received 28 May 2004



We're approaching the end of our trip here. It's been SO wonderful to be here. Our day with you was a special highlight. So many great things happened that day, and we really appreciated your patience with all our questions. 

You'll be happy to hear that we returned to Stellenbosch to spend the day there. What a great city/town it is. A special highlight was that museum where they have the four period houses all set up with antique furnishings etc. And then we just enjoyed wandering around looking at the architecture, admiring the oaks, taking a picture with the little cafe cat (maybe she brings good luck in more than just exams!), being greeted everywhere in Afrikaans (loved being surrounded by the language), and having a great pancake lunch at one of the restaurants.

Last night we ate at Africa Cafe -- so we are hitting at least some of the Selwyn highlights!

We can't thank you enough for the Kayamandi trip in particular. The relationships you've built there are a phenomenal testament to your optimism and love for this beautiful country of yours. South Africans have been, without exception, extremely friendly and considerate. From waiters ("waitrons" sounds odd to our ears!) to the captain of the sailing trip we went on, everyone's been very welcoming and willing to talk about more than just chitchat. We've loved it.

We also enjoyed the pictures on your website. Sent a few friends and family there for a "preview" of some pictures from our trip. Thank you.

You are a jewel on the Internet. I'll recommend you to others.

Take care and do stay in touch if your path takes you to western Massachusetts.

Best wishes,

Elizabeth & Dennis.