John and Penny Sharp

Paul and Tricia Armstrong

Farnham, Surrey - UK

19 March 2005

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I met John and Penny at the Cape Town airport. Penny did not know that Paul and Tricia were in Cape Town and also staying at the same guesthouse, David's, as where she and John were staying. When we arrived at David's, Tricia and Paul answered the door. The below video is an account of what happened. JJ


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After leaving the foursome to settle down Bette and I returned to David's at 19h00 and we all went off to Pigalle restaurant for s wonderful dinner.

John, Bette, Tricia , Paul and Penny around our table at Pigalle


Great dessert


Bette and Tricia enjoying themselves at Pigalle.


Paul makes sure that he gets the last drop of chocolate sauce on his ice cream. JJ


Tricia thinks, "Its been a long day of flying, talking, eating and drinking"   JJ


Sunday - 20 March 2005

Cape Peninsula tour


We set out in rather misty weather on a Cape Peninsula tour expecting to see nothing along the way. The weather cleared up as we travelled and we soon had great visuals wherever we travelled.



Jenny, Paul, John and Tricia with Muizenberg in the background


We had some tea and cake at the Money Tree Restaurant.


In the Kalk Bay harbour we met the kids in the above picture who were from Kwa Zulu Natal and were on holiday in Cape Town 


We had a great fish lunch at Kalkies in the Kalk Bay harbour.


Tricia and Jenny with a penguin in the background at the penguin colony


Yes we did visit the penguin colony. JJ


The foursome at Cape Point


Striding down the walkway from the top of Cape Point
and as can be seen below rewarding ourselves with ice creams for the strenuous bit of excersize


John and Jenny having some fun at Cape Point.


After our journey to Cape Point the heavens opened up and we faced some very dark clouds and continuous raining. We decided to make our way back to Cape Town and also to visit Chapmans Peak on the forthcoming Tuesday.

On arrival in Cape Town we went to Greens Restaurant for pizza & sandwiches.



Monday - 21 March 2005

Cape Winelands tour


At the Afrikaans language Monument in Paarl


Having a cheese lunch at Cotage Fromage


Enjoying a winetasting at Backsberg Winefarm 


After our Backsberg visit we moved to Kayamandi where the pictures below were taken.


With the Sarafina girls


Please click here to see Penny street dancing in Kayamandi
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Who is teaching who to video? JJ


Lost in the photo view mail JJ


Setting the young troops up for a photo shoot. JJ

Please click here to see the foursone at a church service in Kayamandi
Do not attempt to watch this video if you don not have a broadband connection as the file download is 5Mb.

After Kayamandi we moved on to Moyo restaurant


Penny enjoying the music of "3rd world bunfight" at Moyo


The full house dessert buddies at Moyo. JJ

After our evening at Moyo we returned back to Cape Town at about 22h45.


Tuesday  - 22 March 2005
City tour + Clara Anna Fontein


We started our day by ascending Signal Hill where I took the above photo


We stopped in at the Mount Nelson Hotel


The foursome pose in front of Table Mountain as seen from the Bo-Kaap area


We had a great curry lunch at  Zoerienas


Enjoying dessert in the Long Street after our meal at Zoerienas


We moved on to Clara Ann Fontein and took the picture with many wildebeest behind the foursome


John photographing Eland from the car


Sitting in the courtyard at Clara Anna Fontein with the local dogs Zero and Beko joining the foursome


Tricia doing "the Titanic" on Table Mountain


Doing the Table Mountain shuffle


John, Penny, Tricia and Selwyn atop of Table Mountain at sunset


Sunset on Table Mountain

Our last stop for the day was having dinner at the Africa Cafe.
John and Penny with Lunga our waitress for the evening


Happy 50th birthday Penny and happy 25th wedding anniversary Penny and John

With the choir in the background Lunga brings in the 25th anniversary + 50th birthday cake


Penny blows out the candles


Lunga relights some candles on the cake


And the happiness continues! JJ

After the choir left us we took this foursome photo.


The cake shaped like Africa that we had for dessert

Cutting the cake.


Wednesday  - 23 March 2005
Chapmans Peak, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch


We started our day by travelling to Chapmans Peak and took the above photo at Noordhoek beach

The foursome soon realised that they were looking the wrong way when we took the previous photo. JJ


Paul and John decide to stage a mock suicide at Chapmans Peak. JJ

After our journey to Chapmans Peak and also around the Atlantic Seaboard we stopped in at my apartment in s\ea Point and then moved on to Franschhoek and Stellenbosch


John, Penny, Tricia and Paul on top of the Franschhoek pass


We had lunch at la Grange in Franchhhoek


We stopped in at The Old Corkscrew antique shop where I took these two pictures


We travelled on to Stellenbosch and did a tour of the town.


Penny seems to be saying phew thank heavens for this cup of coffee after 4 days of touring.

This foursome was a fun group to travel with . We had a great time together and I enjoyed touring John, Penny, Paul and Tricia immensely. Just look at all the smileys as well as smiling faces on this page and they certainly tell a story.  I also think that the foursome enjoyed the tour and attained some great insights into what Cape Town an Capetonians were all about..


Tricia, Paul, Penny and John.


Received 3 April 2005

Dear Selwyn,

Safely back in UK and looking forward to work on Monday (not!).

What can I say. It was a fantastic experience made all the better with your
expertise and knowledge of South African history, tempered with an
unprecedented knowledge of Cape Town! Both Trish and I enjoyed your company immensely and we look forward to repeating the experience in the not too distant future.

We both enjoyed the Kayamandi experience and have lots of memorable
photographs to look at throughout the coming years to remind us of the

I hope to be traveling to Cape Town on business in August and will of course
give you a call when I arrive hoping that we can meet up for a drink or two.

Once again, many thanks for making our trip a memorable experience.


Paul and Trish Armstrong.


Received 17-5-2005

Dear Selwyn,

First of all please accept my apologies for not replying sooner to your e 
mail on our return, but this has been due to the fact that I have spent 3 of the 6 weeks of the period working in Germany, and things have been 
absolutely manic, trying to get everything done.

Anyway, somewhat belatedly, sincere thanks from all 4 of us for what was the holiday and experience of a lifetime. As you can imagine, since our return, there has been much discussion of our experiences whilst in South Africa, and although several nominations for outstanding experience, the unanimous  winner seems to be the Kayamandi experience. Lookng ahead, we have already  turned our attention to thinking about next year, and Penny's quote was "I don't think it matters where we go, This year's experience in South Africa can't be outdone.". We have now kind of settled back into the work regime, although would all prefer to be back in The Cape. The touring experience was unique Selwyn, and thank you once again for making it so, especially by your thoughtfullness in helping to make the celebration of our 25th anniversary and Penny's 50th so special - She hasn't stopped talking about it and shows everyone the photos.

I haven't as yet had time to edit the video discs, but haven't forgotten. 
A combination of work, and my charity work keeps me quite busy but trust me, I will get round to it. Once again Selwyn, Apologies for the delay in responding and conveying our deepest thanks for the wonderful touring experience. Love to Bette.

Keep in Touch and watch out for moles

John & Penny, Paul & Trish