Susan Tananbaum and Joe Frazer

Shevie and Becca Tananbaum

Maine - USA

26 November 2008

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I met this family foursome at Curzon Place in Sea Point and we set off on a cultural tour incorporating the township of Kayamandi.


Becca in reflection. JJ


Shevie admiring the king proteas at the Afrikaans language monument


Susan and Becca inside the Afrikaans language monument


Becca feeling on top of the world JJ 


Having lunch with Lily in her township home




Becca and Shevie at Lily's home


Susan presenting Lily with a gift of appreciation


Grandmothers in Kayamandi. JJ


Outside Lily's home with a great background visual of the view from Kayamandi


At the Ikamva Lethu Centre


Becca join Pelokaze in dancing at the centre


Susan and Kayla dancing in the centre


Becca and Khanyiesa having fun in the Ikamva Lethu Centre


Jiving away with Khayiesa and Pelokaze - township style. JJ


Susan photographing some of the kids in Zone J


Becca and the kids from Zone J


Handing out apples for trash in Zone J



Hello Susan from America; I'm from Zone J Kayamandi. JJ


I had got to know Joe and Susan before we went on our cultural day tour and from our previous meeting I just knew that this day journey would be a great one and so it was. Having Susan and Joe on board was wonderful while Becca and Shevie just added to making the whole day so much more special. I think everybody learnt lots from one another and most important to me was that Becca also got a good idea as to what township life was all about - Oh my if anything happened on the day this certainly did (see below) . All in all a great day of South Africans meeting Americans and sharing cultural values took place while much fun was had by all at all times.



A special huge thank you for your very generous contribution to help the kids of Kayamandi


Shevie and Becca returned to the USA a couple of days after our journey together while Susan and Joe stayed on in Cape Town for a couple of weeks thereafter. The day before Susan and Joe left Cape Town they came to my apartment and handed over a substantial amount of money to me which Susan told me came from Becca. What had happened was Becca went back to the USA and used her safari pictures to make cards to sell to friends at a local get together. In the process she made enough money to donate to the kids of Kayamandi to cover 2 months of payments to keep our Zone J soup kitchen going. This effectively means that 150 kids in Zone J, Kayamandi will be fed twice a week at lunchtime for a period of 2 months or otherwise put 2400 mouths in total will be fed over this period. In her selfless manner Becca has made such a huge difference to the kids of Kayamandi and I, on behalf of the kids in Zone J,  want to thank her in a very BIG way for her wonderful deed. 

I spend much of my touring time trying to explain to others what township life is like in South Africa and in the process I try to highlight the wonderful love, warmth as well as sense of giving and sharing that the people of Kayamandi generate. This is a very important part of my life as a person as well as when guiding visitors to our shores. When it comes to showing young people like Becca this part of life I regard it as more important than showing adults, so much so that it is virtually becomes an obsession to me. Thus on our day together when Becca took to the people of Kayamandi with such great ease and enormous maturity considering her age I was a very happy person and tourguide.  I knew that the visit was important to her but little did I realize how much of an impact it made on her until Susan and Joe arrived at my door with Becca's hard earned moneys to help the kids of Kayamandi. I cant deny that when I returned to our apartment I joyfully teared because of what Becca had done. 

Becca's name is now enshrined amongst the people of Kayamandi as I told all in the Zone J community about her actions by reminding them who I was speaking of by using the picture of her dancing with Khanyiesa and Pelokaze. (see above). Who knows, one day she might well return to the township when we can hopefully thank her in person. If this does occur she will be welcomed back as a young lady who showed that she cared for her fellow human beings when she visited us.


 Received 27 November 2008

Hi Selwyn,

Greetings from UCT - Shevie and Becca are en route to Kirstenbosch and Joe and I are at work

Wanted to thank you for a marvelous day yesterday - SO much to absorb - such vibrancy and challenges - We all found the day fascinating - it will leave a lasting impression on all of us.

Your work is wonderful - and we look forward to hearing great things about the kids with whom you are working.

Again, our warmest thanks!!!


Susan, Joe, Shevie, and Becca