Jeri Ulrich     Steve Johnson
Julie Hopkins   David Moore
Fran Donohue

 JJ     "TAKE 5"  JJ
Named after the jazzy Brubeck hit. Believe me Dave Brubeck's number was done proud by this quintet of travellers!

San Francisco - USA

22 September 2003

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Take 5 arrived in Cape Town while I was on tour with Ingrid and Chris Willis. I had sorted out all airport transfers and  accommodation for the group and for the first 4 days in Cape Town they did "their own thing" in our great city.


On their second night in town Ingrid, Chris and I met up with "Take 5" (who were unfortunately only 4 as Jeri was feeling rather tired and queasy from the long plane ride). We all went off to the Africa Cafe and Mama Africa thereafter.

David, Chris, Fran, Julie, Ingrid and Steve at the Africa Cafe

Having fun at Mama Africa


More fun at the nightclub.

19 September 2003


As the weather was good we the Willis's and me decided to ascend Table Mountain however we had such a lot of fun the previous evening that we got Take 5 to join us for the ride. Steve decide that he wanted to hike the mountain and did so while we took the cable car up. Believe it or not Steve actually arrived at the top of the mountain before we had completed our walk around the table top.

Ingrid, Chris, Fran, Dave, Jeri and Julie doing the Table Mountain shuffle.

22 September 2003

Day 1 - The tour officially begins


We set off on a winelands tour and first visited Cathbert Country house to offload our luggage. We then went to Cotage Fromage for a delicious cheese lunch as can be seen from the below photo.



After lunch we travelled through Stellenbosch and did a short tour of the area before we moved on to Rust en Vrede where we had a great wine tasting as well as explored the beauty of the farm.


In front of one of the 3 Cape Dutch Manor Houses on Rust en Vrede


We travelled on to Kaya Mandi where the below photos were taken

Handing out fruit in Kayamandi



Mzwake's "instantly formed" J choir performs for Take 5.

Take 5 enjoying the choir


Having fun with the kids of Kayamandi.


We then travelled up to the Ikamva Lethu Centre where we met up per chance with a choir practicing in the hall and as the below picture show much fun was had by all.









After our visit to Kayamandi we returned to Cathbert Country House. Later on in the evening we enjoyed one of Anne Morley's wonderful dinners at the guesthouse.


Day 2

23 September 2003



We took the above photo with Anne Morley , Bibi and Missy before leaving Cathbert Country House for our journey down the Garden Route


We stopped at the Aloe Factory in Albertinia


After arriving in Knysna and booking into Overmeer we went for dinner to La Loerie.

Day 3

24 September 2003


We started the day with Julie feeling very tired and deciding to rest at Overmeer for the day. Pity as we really missed her on tour.


I took this picture at Plettenberg Bay


We travelled through Natures Valley and took this picture of Fran, Dave and Steve in front of a King Protea


Steve said that he just had to feel the Indian Ocean's waters and natures valley provided this facility JJ


Fran and Jeri decided to test the Indian Ocean too - Their verdict was that it was rather cold. JJ


We missed Julie and did a Take 5-1 fun pic on the Natures Valley beach 


While traveling through the Bloukrans Valley we stopped to see the Bloukrans Bridge from afar. In the picture we see Jeri joking with Steve who had made it clear that he was going to bungi jump off the bridge later on.


We travelled on to the Stormsriver where all did the treetop adventure as the below pictures show.

Kitting up!

Steve all kitted up.  


One two cha cha cha! JJJ


The treetop flyers with their guides Siphymwe and Freek


On the way to the start of the treetop safari.


Jeri flies!

Steve hangs on.


We had lunch at the Treetop Safari base camp and then moved on to Bloukrans River Bridge where Steve did the 216 Meter , highest in the world, bungi jump. Jeri joined him under the bridge but had no intentions of doing the jump too.

The below picture were taken just before Steve's jump



Nervous energy! JJ



To see Steve do his 216 metre high bungi jump please click the below link

Please exercise patience as this video link is a large file that could take 5 minutes to upload.

5 4 3 2 1 BUNGI !!!!



When one does the bungi jump at Bloukrans one has one hands marked with ones initials and weight. Here we see the hands of those who went to the bridge however Dave's hand is also included as he jokingly had the organizers print CHK on his hand standing for chicken. JJ


That night we had a fabulous dinner at Tsala where I took the above picture (Sorry for the blurry photography)


Day 4

25 September 2003


We took this picture before leaving Overmeer
(Please use your browser arrow keys to view this panoramic photograph)


We travelled to Botlierskop Game farm where we went on an incredible Quad bike safari looking at the various animals on the farm as well as being taught all about the vegetation on the farm by our wonderful ranger/guide Adrian. This was a most amazing journey as the below picture show.





Jeri on a practice run


Steve going heel for leather on the practice run


Viewing Wildebeest on our safari ride


Adrian giving us a lesson in nature conservation


Quadding in the bush!


Jeri stopped to take a photo of the zebras in the background.





Viewing Giraffe (on to of the far hill) while on safari


Viewing Wildebeest while on the run


The Quad squad JJ with Grit who joined our partner and our ranger/guide Adrian.


We then travelled on to "CV" as we lovingly (and secretively) JJ called our next place of stay.

Chilling out in front of the CV cottage



The ladies pose for the camera in front of the wonderful sunset reflection in the background


Katrien making food for our fireplace and candlelight dinner for the evening




Day 5

26 September 2003

Our last day - Boo Hoo!


Taking in the last of the wonderful natural beauty of CV


At the George airport

Our last photo before saying farewell to one another. 

The "Take 5" group were AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. They got on so well as good friends should and made up their mind that this was going to be a fun tour all the way. Believe me they had a blast and so did I while we were together. I just wish that we could have spent more time in each others company. The tour itself was an amazing one with Steve's bungi jump and our quad bike safari being a personal highlight for me. In summary I wish we could do this tour over tomorrow morning as it was such a great one.


Jeri, Steve, Fran, Julie and Dave what more can I say other than 
welcome to my cork club!

Received 28 September


Yes we are home!  30 hours later. But you were right, it was a BREEZE
for me compared to coming over. The rest of Take 5 was not 100% so it was a bit more difficult for them.

Just wanted to let you know we're safe and sound in California and are so
happy that we met you and spent the time with you. We had a blast and you know that I will be back; wouldn't be surprised if a few others return as well.

A tip for your future tourists: Get your Springbok shirts, etc at the
airport! My exact jersey was R499, I paid something like R580. We were quite
surprised. Steve got a great t-shirt so we can route for the Springboks with our
shirts on!

Glad to get back to our baseball teams in the playoffs and they start on

Again, we loved spending our time with you and I look forward to
figuring out how to work together a la Township crafts, etc. Please give our
best and hugs to Umzueki
. . Please forgive my spelling. Fran was the
secretary in charge at the time!

Take care and we'll "speak" soon!



Received 29 September


It is 4 am on Monday morning, I awoke and can not get back to sleep.  Aaargh! I think I went to bed too early last night. It will take a few  days to get back on track. I want to say that I too was very sad for our trip to end. I must admit  that I did not want to leave the piece of fish on the plate, I wanted  to lick the whole damn thing clean!

It was so much fun, so beautiful, so interesting, and an all around a  fabulous time. I am amazed at your breadth of knowledge about any  subject, and I loved hearing your stories. It was so comfortable being  with you, your sense of humor, your interests, we were all on the same  page, it was quite amazing. Jeri knew what she was doing when she found  you, but then she usually does, she has good instincts. I hope to see  you again, I really loved your company, and I really love your country.  I was quite moved by this trip in ways I had not imagined. I came with  few expectations, and just let the place and people guide me, and I am  glad I did, it was quite enriching. I don't know if we told you how  taken we were with the waitress that worked in Ginja's restaurant  upstairs? That is how we ended up eating at Ginja's a few days later.  Well, she was in a Home & Life magazine from Cape Town that Jeri had 
picked up at the airport, she was listed as a great find in Cape Town!  We sure know how to pick em. Her name is Shoni, go up and meet her if  if you haven't already. 

Thanks again for the great time!

All my love, Julie