Stephanie Ussery and Lesley Kauffman

Seattle Washington, Denver Colorado - USA

28 November 2007

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I met Stephanie and Lesley at Cape Codogan and we decided to do a Peninsula tour on our first day.


Having a fish lunch at Kalky's in Kalk Bay


Stephanie enjoying the penguins at the penguin colony on Boulders Beach


The sisters at the penguin colony



Enjoying funny signs in Simonstown. JJ


At Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope in the background


Lesley enjoying some lighthouse posters at Cape Point


In the funicular going down from Cape Point


At the most south western point in Africa


A fun picture taken at the Cape of Good Hope


Sunset in Sea Point




Table Mountain, Stellenbosch and Kayamandi



We started our day by ascending Table Mountain where the above picture was taken of the three of us


Atop of Table mountain


At the Lucky Cafe in Stellenbosch where we had lunch


With Lily and her stove in her kitchen


Enjoying the ball room dancers in the Ikamva Lethu Centre



Having fun with the kids in Kayamandi




Lighthouses and Kirstenbosch


We started our day with a visit to the Green Point lighthouse where I took the above and below pictures 



Shopping for glassware in the Ngwenya recycled gals shop in the Waterfront 



At the Slangkop Lighthouse



In the Kirstenbosch gardens



Wading through the Black River steamways


Enjoying Kirstenbosch


Shopping in the Kirstenbosch shop


We returned to Cape Town and had a lovely farewell dinner at Willoughby's restaurant in the Waterfront

It was an absolute joy to take these two sisters around Cape Town and its surrounds. We had a wonderful time together in whatever we did, so much so that before we knew it our 3 days together were over. Both Stephanie and Lesley were wonderful people to travel with. They were so easy going and just lapped up whatever Cape Town had to offer them. They thrived in finding out about what made the new South African such a great place and loved all they learnt. What a privilege is was to guide such wonderful, friendly, loving, people. I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again at some stage in our lives. 



and another thank you for the people of Kayamandi for the wonderful donation you left behind on their behalf.



Received 1 December 2007



Lesley and I were just now sitting on the front porch having a port (putting off packing to be exact) and we had to chuckle over the fact that the two of us flew half way around the world to get in the car of a stranger we met on the internet! Don't tell our kids! But seriously that serendipitous decision has made for an awesome trip and experience in South Africa. As Lesley said, so far, you have made our trip! We really can't thank you enough or express how meaningful meeting you and seeing your country through your eyes has meant. Please do keep in touch. We would love to see photos of the kids at Kayamandi from time to time and let us know how we can help. If you don't mind we would also like to have your address since we forgot to get your business card. We will let you know how our Sabi Sabi adventure turns out. 


Stephanie and Lesley

Received  9 December 2007

Hello Selwyn,

I forgot to check your website to see where you are this week, but I know it will be interesting! Lesley and I returned home yesterday evening and are still recovering from our trip! We had a fun three days in London and walked until my poor knees almost quit! We had surprisingly decent weather with only a little bit of rain. So much to see and do we barely scratched the surface, but we saw the oldest and best so Lesley got a bit of the flavor of London.

Our game lodge visit was equally outstanding. We were upgraded to the Presidential suite at the property so we had an enormous suite with a bathroom about the size of my condo here! We even had the only private plunge pool on the property which was great after our one really hot and humid game drive and bush walk. It was quite the adventure and we saw the big five and so much more. Our lodge was very comfortable, the food excellent and the staff very attentive. Because it was such an intimate lodge we really enjoyed meeting our fellow travelers and had great conversations.

But, of course, our time spent in Cape Town with you was the absolute highlight of our trip! You are without a doubt deserving of the Wanderlust best tour guide award and so much more! We were awed by the great natural beauty of Cape Town and the peninsula and could have lingered there forever. It was so much less touristy to eat in local restaurants away from the crowds and the bonus was great food! We were greatly touched by our visit to Kayamandi and truly do want to stay in touch as needs arise that we could help with. We loved meeting Lily and her neighbors and were amazed to see the kids at the center. A bit surreal I might add to see youngsters doing the cha cha in the midst of such a rustic environment-a wonderful idea!

But best of all, Selwyn, was meeting you! As Lesley said early on "Selwyn has made our trip what it is!" Your passion for your country and your articulate and interesting way of sharing that love is infectious. We will never forget you or the wonderful adventure we shared in South Africa. We particularly enjoyed the many meaningful conversations that we shared and also felt that we had met a new good friend not just a tour guide. Your kind words are greatly appreciated and we can only say that we feel the same. We hated parting company and hope one day to see you again. Please do stay in touch. I know that I will continue to visit your website to see what you are up to!

Give our regards to Bette. We hope to meet her also on our next trip to Africa.

Blessings to you both for a joyous and prosperous New Year!

Stephanie Ussery