Bill and Helen Whatmough

Scottsdale; Arizona, USA

Vince Plancich and Donna Day
Mike Strainer

Seattle Washington

24 Auguest 2008

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I met this wonderful group of happy friends at the Table Bay Hotel. We immediately set off to ascend Table Mountain as I did not think we would have another chance to do so while they were in Cape Town.


Vince and Mike in the cablecar ascending Table Mountain


Vince, Donna, Mike, Bill and Helen do the Table Mountain shuffle. JJ


We travelled in a southerly direction and passed Muizenberg before stopping in for a great fish and chips lunch at Kalkies in Kalk Bay


Enjoying a fish lunch made up of crayfish, hake, yellowtail and chips at Kalkies



Vince at the quayside after nearly being beheaded by the dried snoek hanging above him. JJ


Helen and Bill at the penguin colony on Boulders Beach


Vince having fun at the penguin colony


Helen takes a break at the penguin colony


Donna enjoying the penguins


Mike and Donna going through some penguin talk. JJ 


At Cape Point on the Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve


Mike having some fun at Cape Point. JJ


At the most south western point of Africa

The group enjoying themselves at the Cape of Good Hope


After our visit to the Cape of Good Hope we travelled back to the Table Bay via Scarborough, Slangkop, Sun Valley, and Constantia. In the evening everybody went for dinner to Salora in the Waterfront.

Day 2

 City tour


We started our half day journey by visiting Maidens Cove where the above picture was taken with Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles mountain range in the background.


After travelling on the Atlantic seaboard we returned to the city and went up SIgnal Hill where I took the above picture of the fivesome.

We descended from Signal Hill and did a one and a half hour drive through the city centre looking at all the interesting places in Cape Town as well as hidden secrets of the city


We visited Zoerinas for lunch where we had samoosas, rooti with beef, mince meat, chicken and vegetarian fillings.
Wonderful lunch which all enjoyed as can be seen fro the pictures



After lunch I took Mike, Bill and Helen back to the Table Bay Hotel and then took Vince and Donna to Kirstenbosch where they went on the tram ride in the gardens and then found their way home by cab.


Day 3

Winelands and Kayamandi

We first stopped in at the Lanzerac Hotel where we dropped off suitcase in that the fivesome were going to be staying there for 2 nights.


We visited the cheetah foundation where we unfortunately could not pet the cheetahs. We  visited the Spier Hotel where we had coffee and discussed the history and current political situation in South Africa.

We travelled to Kayamandi and visited the Isibane Sempomulelo creche.


Enjoying lunch with Lily in her home


Helen and Lily at her famous stove


Watching the kids dancing at the Ikamva Lethu Centre


Donna with Pienkie (dance teacher) in the Ikamva Lethu centre


We moved on to Zone J where the next pictures were taken.





After our visit to Zone J I took the fivesome back to the Lanzerac hotel where we unfortunately had to bade each other farewell.

This fivesome was a very easy group to tour with. They were super friendly and very keen to want to learn as much as they could about about Cape Town and South Africa. As visitors to Cape Town and tourists in my vehicle with me they were "go with the flow" type folk and just took all in their stride. This resulted in us having great fun in the car at all times while on tour. All in all I think a wonderful tour was had by everybody which I most certainly know included me as I most definitely had a great time showing this great fivesome around my city and its surrounds.



Received on 14 September 2008

Hello, Selwyn! 

This is Donna from the Whatmough party who toured with you around August 24 - 26. We went to Kayamandi on August 26 and I have made a CD of some of our best shots. I see that your home address is on the website so I will send the CD directly to you. I hope you and the people at Kayamandi will enjoy the photos. I think we got some beautiful ones. The only one I was disappointed in was one of Lily (which I sent anyway). Vince took it while she was telling her story and it is not totally in focus but the expression on her face is so wonderful that I included it anyway. 

I spent yesterday morning reading African cookbooks which I checked out of our local library! So far I have not been able to find recipes for the wonderful soft bread we had at Zorina's nor the chocolake (sp?) we had with Lily. Is the bread like injera? Maybe Lily should think about doing a casual 'cookbook' with her recipes to sell along with her lunches?  I would certainly have bought one!

Thank you again for a wonderful three days in Cape Town! We so enjoyed ourselves and learned so much as well. It was a really wonderful trip overall and we will be sorting photographs for quite some time I expect! 



Received on 15 September 2008


Thanks for your email. I am finally getting around to it after trying to catch up after being gone from home for 22 days. I usually don't bother with email when not at home!

We did in fact have a wonderful time at Lanzerac. In fact, we had a great time on all of our trip, although you and your touring were a highlight. And I say that sincerely. We had a blast with you.

I am now going to your site, and anticipate enjoying what I will find. 

All the best,



Thanks much again. I can use many of these pictures in my scrapbook. Great bunch. I'm glad I didn't break your camera. Sorry - old joke!

You have a great site.
With fondness,