Ted, Lisa, Allie, Teddy and Max Williams

San Francisco - California - USA

14 June 2009

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I met the Williams family at the Cape Grace Hotel and after becoming acquainted we walked into the Waterfront so as to have a light lunch as well as some fun in the area.


Allie, Max, Teddy, Lisa and Ted WIlliams enjoying burgers at the Waterfront Spur restaurant



Watching the buskers in the Waterfront



Please click on the above picture to see Teddy having fun with the whistling buskers in the Waterfront



Ted and Teddy with the statued man in silver


Albert Luthuli,  Max Williams,  Desmond Tutu, Teddy WIlliams,  F.W.de Klerk,  Allie Williams and Nelson Mandela at the Nobel prize monument in the Waterfront


The WIliams family meets South Africa's Nobel peace prize winners


We left the Waterfront and went on a driving tour of the city where amongst others we spoke about the story of Alexander Selkirk and saw Cape Town's own mini Big Ben.


Please click on the above picture to see Teddy playing the first bars of Manenberg at the Milestone Studios in Buiten Street



Teddy Allie and Ted at the Fire and Ice Hotel in upper Cape Town



Table Mountain, Winelands and Kayamandi


Fisrt stop on the day was to ascend Table Mountain where Lisa entertained us by doing the Titanic. J


Doing the Table Mountain shuffle


Max getting cold Brrrr


In the cablecar



On our way out of Cape Town we stopped at the Chocolate House where lots of wonderful chocolates were purchased by all.









We travelled in the winelands and stopped in at the Butterfly farm where the foillowing photos were taken.




















We moved on to Kayamandi where our first stop was to visit Lily in her township home








We moved on to the Ikamva Lethu Centre (our future) where we enjoyed and participated in the dancing as well as spoke to most of the children at the centre







Please click on the above picture to see all enjoying themselves on the dancefloor
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Please click on the above picture to see Lamga teaching the Williams family to dance
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A wonderful group photo outside of the Ikamva lethu Centre


We travelled to Zone J where we walked in the area visiting people in their shack homes, went to church at the St.Pauls Church and dished out fruit for trash.







Please click on the above picture to see all particpating in the St Pauls Church service
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We returned home to Cape Town at about 20h00 where I dropped all off at the Cape Grace Hotel "
Dinner = Room service!


Cape Peninsula

Our first stop on this day was at Muizenberg where the above photo was taken


Having fun on Fish Hoek Beach





Buying fish and chips lunches at Fish Hoek Fisheries


Having fun with the seagulls at Fish Hoek beach



Please click on the above picture to see the Teddy having fun with the seagulls at Fish Hoek



With Just Nuisance in Simonstown



In the Simonstown sharkshop


We visited the Simonstown Toy Museum and shop











Our next stop was at the Boulders Beach penguin colony







Please click on the above picture to see the Williams family enjoying the dancers outside of the penguin colony


Our last stop before travelling to the Cape Town airport was to stop in at The Scratchpatch where all had much fun collecting semi precious stones













My two favourite pictures from this wonderful tour



The Williams family were a fantastic group to travel with. The way that I want to remember them is so well typified in the last 2 special photos on this website. The Kay7amandi group photo typifies their character as a family so well in that they always were caring of others wherever we travelled.  Oh my this family were so wonderful to show around the Cape Town and surrounding regions . Allie, Teddy and Max were an absolute delight and always were great fun to have in the vehicle while Ted and Lisa enjoyed themselves as they saw their family enjoying all that was happening around them. Overall the whole family is made up of 5 upright citizens who were always such fun to have around me. Their appreacition for all that happened to them while on tour really touched me.   All in all an incredibly memorable time was had by all and it was really very hard to say goodbye to this wonderful family at the Cape Town airport.



May I also take this opportunity of thanking you for your very generous contribution to the children of Kayamandi as wellas your intention to sponsor the education of a child in the township.

Received on 30 June 2009

Hello Selwyn,

I know I speak for the family when I say that our time with you was one we will all cherish forever. From your surprise stops like the chocolate factory, the wacky hotel, the toy store, and the gem store, to the charming towns and scenery, we were always engaged. However, the highlight for us was spending time in Kayamandi. I will never forget some of the smiles and seeing our kids faces as some of the children swarmed them. One never knows what children remember, but I can assure you that that day had a wonderful impact on them. All of this would not be possible if it were not for you. Your enthusiasm and knowledge is extraordinary.

The rest of our trip was fantastic, although we missed you when we saw the beautiful sights of Botswana. We just got back on Saturday, so we are still a bit slow. Please keep us posted on what is happening in your world. We would like to make an additional contribution per year for the next five years to the scholarship fund. Let us know when that is appropriate.

Once we get through with uploading our pics, we will send some to you.

All the best and thank you.