Jenny & Peter Mulvey 

Anne Mulvey 

Sarah Craine

John Mulvey

Lisa Wood

East Grinstead, Cumbria,  Birmingham

13 September 2007

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I met this sextet at the Raddison Hotel and after becoming acquainted we set off on a tour of the Cape Peninsula. We
travelled past Rondebosch where we stopped in at The Woolsack and then moved onto Muizenberg. After a short stop at Muizenberg we stopped in at the Kalk Bay Harbour and then travelled to Simonstown. After having some coffee ( and a Don Pedro J ) we visited Just Nuisance's statue in Simonstown  


Everybody posing with the Simonstown's  famous Just Nuisance


Peter, Jenny, Anne, Sarah, John and Lisa at the penguin colony


Photographically caught unaware at the penguin colony. JJ




Lisa and Sarah completing the hike up Cape Point


All enjoying Cape Point with the Cape of Good Hope in the background 


A funny way to see what Lisa, Peter and John were photographing at the Cape of Good Hope JJ


Lisa enjoying herself at the Cape of Good Hope


Jenny and Sarah having fun at the Cape of Good Hope while John waits to picture the big splash at the Cape of Good Hope.


After our visit to the Cape of Good Hope we travelled on past Scarborough, Misty Cliffs. Constantia, Hout Bay, Llandudno, Camps Bay and Sea Point before returning to the Raddison Hotel.



This was what I would call a very happy tour. Everybody just went with the flow and enjoyed themselves on the day taking in the magnificent scenery of the Peninsula and enjoying each others company along the way. This was an easy group to tour with as everybody just seemed to be "on the same page" which was something that I really appreciated in that it made my position as tourguide for the day so much easier than normal. This in turn led me to enjoy the tour very much. Just as a postscript it was also wonderful for me to travel with a group where everyone of those on board had a good ability to do some arithmetic and basic mathematics. JJ (Private laugh that those on board will understand)